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Rating: 8.29

Facesitting in the bed

Candy Julia and her girlfriend Limonika want to sleep some hours and don't get out of bed today. So they are still lying in the bed. But then Candy Julia decides that this is boring - she wants some action! So she doesn't wait any longer, grabs her girlfriend and sits down on her face! She presses her hot butt cheeks at Limonika who is completely helpless against the bad treating of her girlfriend! After some time Candy Julia turns and sits down on her mouth and nose and uses her pussy to ride on her without mercy - until she has an great orgasm at her face!!

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Date Comment Rating Username
2016-02-09 Candy Julia does a good job of not overselling it. Solid facesitting. Would have liked to seen Julia play with limonika's tits more and play with her pussy as well. Good Jay R
Darina & Erica
Orgasm on Erica's face!
Karen & Malishach
Karen loves facesitting-dominance
Daniella & Katy
There is no end in sight!
Darina & Erica
Pure facesitting suppression