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Hot girlfriends Ameliya & Shanviya

Rating: 8.25

Facesitting with two girls

Shanviya presses her girlfriend Ameliya hard against the couch and starts to hit her butt several times! Ameliya moans loudly which makes Shanviya sit down at the face of her girlfriend! She presses her face hard against her pussy and enjoys every second! Ameliya has no chance to defend herself and Shanviya changes the position from time to time until she reaches an intense orgasm - while sitting at the face of her girlfriend!


Date Comment Rating Username
2016-02-03 Liked Shanviya as the dom. Hair pulling and throat grabbing was a nice touch. Solid facesitting work. Ameliya looked good as the sub. Maybe Shanviya could have forced Ameliya to suck her tits and played with ameliya's pussy while facesitting her. Overall, good. Fair Jay R
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