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Sexy girlfriends Anabelle & Faina

Rating: 8.50

Facesitting humiliation at the bed

Anabelle enters the sleeping room and presses Faina towards the bed. She doesn't wait very long and puts her sexy thong ass above Faina's head - and finally sits down at her face! You can easily see how much fun she has! Then she has to change the position so the black haired brat girl Anabelle can continue with her facesitting humiliation. Again and again Anabelle presses ass hard against the face of her girlfriend. Don't miss this great facesitting clip!


Date Comment Rating Username
2016-02-03 Annabelle sitting reverse cowgirl on Faina face with her head position at the edge of the bed to start was very hot! Loved the black and white bra/pantie contrast. Facesitting was ok. Could have had more positions in the scene. Would like to see Annabelle in more dom roles. Overall, good. Good Jay R
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